Veterans React: First Time Hearing | Tokio Hotel

Veterans React: First Time Hearing | Tokio Hotel


[Update: 05 Dec] Due to the nature of my channel, this video received a Copyright Claim, which, initially I thought I was in the clear. For those not familiar here's a brief description: when a (YT) creator publishes content that contains copyright material, the owner of the material is notified and has a couple options. The video can pretty much be blocked all together; be demonetized (all profits are claimed by the owner of the material); or, be allowed to be seen by everyone. 

Well, I initially posted this video on 19 Oct 2021, which means the initial Copyright Claim window would have closed on 19 Nov. Unfortunately, Universal Media Group (UMG) decided to deny my initial claim (2) days prior to the expiration - even though the second music video had been cleared. 

Ultimately, the video was once again blocked for containing Copyright material. So, I waited a couple weeks. There was one video that had published, shortly after mine, which reviewed the same exact band/music video. When the time came (that video being posted for a month, without being taken down), I submitted my Appeal to the Copyright Claim.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is where we are now. The video is currently visible for everyone to view; however, it is in the appeal process. If this appeal gets rejected again, I will officially have my first Copyright Strike levied against my channel. MTF.


It's the second episode! Might as well do a double-header! In this episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down and meeting Marine veteran Sergeant Wolfgang "Yes, That's My Real Name" Almeida. I hope you enjoy this video as we venture into a German-based emo/rock band from the early 2000's and critique their own reinvented song, "Monsoon" by Tokio Hotel (2007 & 2020) - all while sharing stories from bootcamp through the end of his time in service.

Stay tuned until the end: Will there be laughs? For sure! Will there be tears? We'll see. Will there be hazing? You decide!

Featured Artist: Tokio Hotel
Featured Song: Monsoon (2007 & 2020 Remix)

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