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Rising Through the Ranks: An Interview with a Naval Mustang | Tony Boccia What is a Navy LDO? A Navy Limited Duty Officer (LDO) is a commissioned officer in the United States Navy who holds a specialized technical or operational position that does not require the full range of duties and responsibilities of a line officer. LDOs are typically selected from the ranks of senior enlisted personnel and are trained in the technical or operational specialty they will serve in as an officer. LDOs serve in a variety of roles in the Navy, including as technicians, administrators, and trainers. They...

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Interview with NickyMGTV, HM1, US Navy (2022)I recently had the pleasure of sitting down, for an extensive interview, with fellow service member and content creator: NickyMGTV. While we did talk for about 4 hours, I condensed the interview into about 20 minutes. He was able to provide a lot of insight and guidance regarding my endeavor into the content creation realm. I utilized some of his knowledge by creating a second channel - in order to deconflict my overall content. This channel will focus specifically on interviews with military service members (Echo 7 Sierra - Interviews). My other channel will...

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