First Time Hearing Rammstein | Marine Reacts

First Time Hearing Rammstein | Marine Reacts

A big thank you to Marine Lance Corporal Gaven Skyles for sitting down and allowing me to introduce him to one of my favorite metal bands - Rammstein! Gaven has only been in the Marine Corps for a couple years and already has some great stories to share - from the effects of 'rona on boot camp to traveling while stationed at his first duty station (Japan). Stand by and keep an eye out for his full interview - for now, check out his reaction to hearing Rammstein for the first time! Don't forget to checkout Gaven on IG @SkylesJones

If you enjoy his reaction, check out his full interview (still a working project). Also, feel free to leave any questions you'd like to have asked to a service member. If you enjoy the content here, please feel free to subscribe - it's free to you and helps me tremendously! Leave a comment to request your favorite artist, as well!

Channel note: After recently talking to a fellow military YouTuber - @NickyMGTV - I will be implementing a few of his suggestions. Again, I appreciate everyone's support!

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