J & K Detailing and Car Care

 “We are a professional detailing service. We only offer 1 level of cleaning, and that's a detailed cleaning.”

We're just getting started servicing Eastern North Carolina as a mobile detailing and car care provider. That being said, we are greatly appreciative of Echo 7 Sierra for allowing us a platform to jump off from and supporting our dreams. 

For more information and booking, please be sure to check us out on IG J & K Detailing and Car Care


Interior Detail Package

Our Interior Detail Package includes a deep cleaning on all door, dash, and plastics. Blowout under seats, cracks, and crevices, wipe down all leather, vacuum all interior areas included the trunk, protectant on all doors, dash, plastics, and leather, interior/exterior glass. Air freshener (Optional).



Exterior Detail Package

Our Exterior Detail Package entails cleaning of all the hard to reach places, bug removal, pre-soak foam, hand wash, paint decontamination, clean face on wheels and tires, door jams cleaned, interior/exterior glass cleaning, no sling tire dressing. 



Deluxe Detail Package

Our Deluxe Detail Package includes - Interior: everything from the Interior Detailing Package, PLUS odor elimination utilizing an ozone machine. Exterior: everything from the Exterior Detail Package PLUS iron remover, glass protection, graphene coating, and engine bay cleaning and protection.


**Prices are subject to change based on vehicle condition and the presence of excessive amounts of hazardous/bodily fluids, pet hair, or any additional work requested**


Additional Services

Fuel System Cleaner | Engine & Cabin Air Filters | Headlight Restoration | Windshield Ceramic Coating | Pet Hair Removal | Window Tinting